Why Auctions?

Public auction is one of the oldest forms of trade. It is the quickest way to get Fair Market Value for your assets. Auctions sales often can achieve a greater return selling an entire stores inventory in one day, than many months of an in store liquidation doing the markdown method of liquidating assets.

South West Auction Company was created to aid our clients in the dispersal of their assets, be that retail or personal property in an efficient manner, from small household items to larger items such as farm equipment. The auctioneer has even obtained his real estate license and joined the team of Steve Delia at Century 21 so that he can assist with auctioning your commercial and residential property. Historically auctions have been perceived as a means to liquidate assets when sufficient time can not be provided to effectively expose the property to the market. This is a pattern that today’s auctioneers are trying very hard to over come. The modern auctioneer has been forced to become a creative marketer. They must find techniques of advertising which are modern and up to date in order to aggressively market their client’s property.

In truth, when property fails to attain its market value at auction it is most often due to the that fact that either the auctioneer did not properly expose the asset to its market, or the estimated value of the property was incorrect. Although commonly associated with distress sales, properly marketed auctions can be a very effective way to sell the most rare specialty property. Whether the asset is of high or medium value, on the day of the auction all interested parties must BID or they will lose their opportunity to purchase the property. By having all interested parties engaged in competitive bidding, the seller can quite often attain values higher than expected by tradition forms of determining market value. Unlike most expensive commodities an auction only requires two interested parties engaged in a “bidding war” to attain its potential value.

Our clients will be advised to begin with a free consultation, at which time our staff will examine the contents of the estate and give suggestions on whether to consign just a portion or the entire contents of the estate. Depending on the circumstances, in some instances we can even sell the real estate by auction.

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